Youth Advisory Committee

Youth Advisory Committee

Purpose of the Youth Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Youth Advisory Committee is to provide expertise in youth policy and to assist the Local Board in:

  • Developing and recommending local youth employment and training policy and practice.
  • Broadening the youth employment and training focus in the community to incorporate a youth development perspective.
  • Establishing linkages with other organizations serving youth in the local area.
  • Taking into account a range of issues that can have an impact on the success of youth in the labor market.

Current Committee Members

Robin Doody- Northern Light Health

Susan Cerini- EMDC

Kelly Cotiaux- Senator Collins

Scott Hatch- Job Corps

Stacey Cyr- Madawaska Adult Education

Joe Fagnant- Houlton Higher Ed Center

Roger Felix- Loring Job Corps

Michael Jordan- ACAP

LeRae Kinney- Sad 1 Adult & Community Education

Greg Leavitt- Bangor Adult Education

Danny MacDonald- Eastern Aroostook Adult & Community Education

Jen Peters- Sunrise County Economic Council

Thelma Regan- PVAEC

Christopher Rector- Senator King

Gary Sanfacon- Maine Department of Corrections

Lisa Shaw- Maine State Library

Edie Smith- Senator King

Karen Smith- Brewer Housing Authority

Ander Thebaud- RSU 24 Adult Education


Youth Advisory Committee Membership Application

Please fill out all the required fields to become a member of the Northeastern Workforce Development Board's Youth Advisory Committee. The Program Assistant will contact you with more information.

I formally request that consideration be given to my application to the Northeastern Workforce Development Board. *