Executive Committee

Executive Committee

What is the purpose of the Executive Committee?

The Executive Committee meets on a monthly basis and acts on behalf of the full Board on time sensitive matters. Any and all actions taken on behalf of the full board will be reported at the next Board meeting.

Who is the NWDB Executive Committee?

The NWDB Executive Committee is comprised of the NWDB Chair and Vice-Chair, and the chairs from the standing committees of Finance, Policy, and Youth Advisory as well as up to four members of the LWDB may serve on the Executive Committee as members at large.

Committee Members

Joanna Russell- Northeastern Workforce Development Board, Executive Director

Rebecca Bryant- Northeastern Workforce Development Board, Program Assistant

Nikki Fletcher – NWDB Chair

Ryan Bushey – NWDB Vice-Chair

Denice Conary – Finance Committee Chair

Robin Doody – Youth Advisory Committee Chair