Youth Advisory Committee

Youth Advisory Committee

Purpose of the Youth Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Youth Advisory Committee is to provide expertise in youth policy and to assist the Local Board in:

  • Developing and recommending local youth employment and training policy and practice.
  • Broadening the youth employment and training focus in the community to incorporate a youth development perspective.
  • Establishing linkages with other organizations serving youth in the local area.
  • Taking into account a range of issues that can have an impact on the success of youth in the labor market.

Current Committee Members

Jane Blackwood – Axiom – Adult Education
Carrie Brooker – Bureau of Rehabilitation Services
Amanda Charette – Habitat for Humanity (Restore)
Stacey Cyr – Madawaska Adult Education
Francesca DeSanctis – Eastern Maine Community College
Doug Diekmann – MDOL
Robin Doody – EMHS – Chair
Chris Dunbar – United Technologies Center
William Egeler – Northern Maine Community College
Joleen Fagan – Wings & CPPC, Youth programs/child protection
Joe Fagnant – Houlton Higher Ed Center – RSU 29 Director
Nikki Fletcher – Bangor Savings Bank, HR
Tom Grogan – Wings & CPPC, Youth programs/child protection
Marsha Higgins – Charleston Correction Facility
Amie Howard – MDOL Bureau of Rehabilitation Services
Nicki Jamison – MDOL WIOA Formula Programs
Mary Jones – Regional Corrections Supervisor
Michael Jordan – ACAP
Lorinda Joy – SCEC Family Futures DownEast
Nicole Kelley – St. Joseph Hospital
LeRae Kinney – SAD 1 Adult & Community Education
Steve Lapierre – Van Buren Housing Authority
Greg Leavitt – Bangor Adult Education
Danny MacDonald – Eastern Aroostook Adult and Community Education
Amanda Merchant –
Joanna Morrison – EMHS, HR
Patty Perry – MDOL-BES
Jen Peters – Sunrise County Economic Council
Jacquelyn Poulin –
Thelma Regan – PVAEC
Kim Rohn – Congressman Poliquin’s Office
Gary Sanfacon – Maine Dept of Corrections/Juvenile Community
Joyce Santerre – Eastern Maine Development Corp.
Annie Sargent – Ellsworth Adult Education
Liz Saucier – Vocational Rehabilitation – youth
Wendy Schoppee – Machias Memorial High School
Lisa Shaw – Maine State Library
Janie Small – MDOL – Employment & Training
Denise Smith – EMDC Youth Program
Karen Smith – Brewer Housing Authority (Econ & Self-sufficiency)
Margaret Smith – Penobscot Job Corps – on behalf of Tracey Cooley
Charlis Sullivan – MSAD 24 Adult and Community Education-Van Buren
Ander Thebaud – RSU 24 Adult Education
Hook Wheeler – EMDC


Youth Advisory Committee Membership Application

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