Policy Committee & Policies

Policy Committee & Policies

Policy Committee Members:

Scott Kennedy – Chair            Erin Benson                  Destiny Demo
Jon Farley                                 Tom Fernands               Terri Swanson
Michael Jordan                       Greg Leavitt                    Danny MacDonald
Theresa Mudgett                     Patricia Perry                  Jen Peters
Annie Sargant                          Charlis Sullivan
Emily Tilton                            Susan Cerini

Current NWDB Policies:

Approved NWDB Fiscal Policies and Procedures 5.15.18

001 Incident Reporting

002 Handling and Protecting Personally Identifiable Information

003 Local Definition of Youth Requires Additional Assistance

004 Partnering with Chambers of Commerce

005 OJT

006 Support Service Policy Revised 10.16.18

007 Work Based Learning (WBL) and Transitional job

008 WIOA Program Grievance Procedures

009 Americans with Disabilities Act Policy

010 NWDB Policy Procurement 8.1.18

Policy 011 Subrecipient Fiscal Monitoring